Smart Buy Reveals Results "Vitamin C drinks" did not find the ศูนย์รวมเกมสล็อตออนไลน์ vitamin C 8 samples and the vitamin C content did not meet the label. Recommend eating fruits and vegetables that are sour to get vitamin C.
Apt test center buy Foundation for Consumers Under the project to support the surveillance system for goods and services for the protection of health consumers Revealed the results of vitamin C content testing in 47 samples of commercially available vitamin C drinks. The amount of vitamin C was found not exactly as stated on the product label, and 8 samples did not find the vitamin C content. Instruct consumers to get vitamin C from citrus fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, guava, or mulberries.

Examples of vitamin C drinks That did not detect the amount of vitamin C, 8 samples were
Yanhee Vitamin C Water Yanhee VITAMIN C WATER Grass Jelly (Grass Jelly Drink with Vitamin C) Size 460 ml. (Production date 07-10-2020 / 07-10-2021)

Nourish Mate Nurish Mate Jelly Candy and carrageenan mixed with collagen, vitamin C and 15% white grape juice, strawberry and peach flavor, 150 ml. (Production date 11-08-2020 / 10- 08-2021)

Mix, concentrated drink, orange flavor with vitamins, 48 ​​ml. (Production date 12-06-2019 / 12-06-2021)

Meix, Berry Lemon Flavor Concentrated Drink with Vitamins, 48 ​​ml. (Production date 07-03-2019 / 07-03-2021)

Lemon-flavored drink, Mini Lemonade brand, Vitamin C200, 345 ml. (Production date 00-00-0000 / 03-10-2021)

Festa-C Daily Fiber Lychee Flavor 12% Lychee Flavored Drink with Vitamin C and Fiber 100 ml size (production date 02-09-2019 / 01-03-2021)

Mini Pink Lemonade Lemon and Berries Drinks 345 ml. (Production date 00-00-00 / 26-08-21)

D.R.Drink, DRDRINK Gen Mivitamin Water (Drink with Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, B6, B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, Safflower and Calcium from Lithoraminian algae) Size 500 Ml. (Production date 09-11-2020 / 09-11-2021)
When comparing vitamin C content with the claims on the label More or less than 30% on the label found that 37 samples of the product did not meet the vitamin C content stated on the label. It comes in both higher and smaller quantities than what is claimed on the label.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C according to Thai RDI * (Thai Recommended Daily Intakes is the recommended daily intake for Thai people aged 6 years and over) is 60 milligrams, with vitamin C easily degraded if Exposure to light or heat The main food sources consumers can choose to get vitamin C are citrus, guava, or berries and mulberries.

However, taking high doses of vitamin C can increase your risk of developing kidney stones.