In the upgraded version of Old School Runescape, many players tried to obtain rare items through RuneScape without paying anything, but in the end, they all failed. Tom is very lucky. The next day, he directly purchased Runescape Gold for the next treasure hunt mission. He began to explore until he found the main content of the treasure hunt.

Hounds are A-level pets and can only be obtained through scrolls. With soft ears, soft tongue, and charming green deerstalker hat, it is not difficult to see why at least for now at least many Old School RuneScape players believe that the detective dog is the most coveted follower in the game.​​​ The Gold and buy Runescape Gold in the RSgoldBuy store may be the most direct way to get rare items. In Old School Runescape, master scrolls are only recommended for adventurers who have raised their skills to the highest level, although they do bring the best loot.