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Thread: First developed by Canada’s indigenous peoples

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    First developed by Canada’s indigenous peoples

    First developed by Canada’s indigenous peoples

    In a little poutine shop on the eastern side of Montreal’s Canal de Lachine, I breathed a sigh
    of relief as the server placed a heavy, dark-brown bottle on my table. Beads of condensation
    were already rolling down its side, stirring within me an odd sense of sympathy at having
    found a companion who was perspiring as profusely as I was.

    So far, I had found the European influence in Quebec’s largest city quite charming: the chatter
    of French in cafes; the freshly baked brioche for breakfast; the murmur of street-side jazz
    wafting through the summer air. But, although I’d usually consider it admirable,
    the one European sensibility I was currently not enjoying was the pronounced dearth of air
    conditioning. I had arrived in the middle of one of Montreal’s worst heatwaves in decades.

    I raised the bottle and poured its contents into a frosted mug. The clear, effervescent brew
    had scarcely foamed to the top before it was at my lips. As I eagerly took my first sip,
    I was immediately hit with the unmistakable, biting taste of conifer – like a liquefied
    Christmas tree. This was my first bière d'épinette, or spruce beer.

    Despite its name, the drink contains a negligible amount of alcohol; it’s more like a root beer
    (a sweet, North American soft drink) than a lager or ale. Even so, on such a sweltering day,
    it wouldn’t feel a stretch to say the drink saved my life. As legend has it, this beer has
    something of a reputation for saving lives.

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    Re: First developed by Canada’s indigenous peoples

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