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Thread: Let us know what you think in the comments

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    Let us know what you think in the comments

    How good that the developers listened to Hazzikostas and drastically reduced the strength of wow gold classic Consumables and World Buffs with TBC. Or how do you see that? And how difficult is Naxxramas with Period 6 on the WoW Classic servers? Let us know what you think in the comments.

    Reviewing a TV series with the three-letter term"Wow" isn't the most literate or complicated method to start writing a review, but there it is. Mit an Board sind zahlreiche neue Features, darunter: Die Geschichte rund um den Pantheon des Todes wird fortgesponnen, Azeroth um fünf neue Regionen erweitert, eine Reduktion der Stufen herbeigeführt und wir k?nnen uns einem von vier Pakten anschlie?en. Back in the day it had been notorious: Just gaining access to it takes weeks of a whole server grinding resources out in prep, then hours longer grinding to finish the Scepter of Ahn'Qiraj questline. Then there's a 10-hour war in Silithus, and finally, after all that, guilds can breach the entrance of AQ. In 2006, it was months before players eventually completed the raid. In WoW Classic, it moved a lot faster.

    The installation for Ahn'Qiraj remains thrilling. The sand-covered ruins you input through quickly reveal themselves as a man concealing the true horrors below. Fleshy corridors form a sprawling labyrinth, chambers teeming with historical bugs and worms. After fighting your way to the finish you face the prisoner at the core of the raid, an older god sealed in the ground, on the verge of breaking free. It is a shame , by today's standards, he's a joke.

    The C'Thun players struggle now in WoW Classic isn't the tentacled monster of cheap wow classic gold legend that he was. However, was he, really? Based on the skills WoW Classic players have accrued over the previous 15 decades, I believe we could take this giant eyeball how he was once intended to be fought. I think we can destroy pre-nerf C'Thun, and Blizzard should patch him WoW Classic to give us that opportunity.

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